Protect Your Site From Bots

We protect the Advertiser and the Publisher by eliminating non-human traffic before it hits your site.


We test every incoming click for malicious elements such as bad hosts, proxies, datacenters, blacklist IP addresses, bad User Agents, and out of date browsers, just to name a few.

Stop Bots Before They Hit Your Site

Unlike other click fraud detection companies, we actually block the click before it hits your site and we block future click fraud automatically so the bot doesn’t visit your site again!

Saves Money

Your advertising budget and potential revenue can get wiped out due to click fraud.  By stopping bots before they hit your site, we help prevent chargebacks from your Ad Networks.

Advance Technology

We have spent over 15 years detecting and blocking click fraud and have developed a comprehensive set of blocklists and heuristic algorithms to detect and block suspicious traffic.


We provide detailed reports on the traffic that we block and allow.  This data can be used to cross reference your traffic purchases and eliminate sketchy sources of traffic.

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